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Student Discounts: Degree seeking students can get a student discount of 20% off single fares of JR(train/bus/ship) if they travel more than 100km. However, non-degree seeking students are not eligible for this discount. When you travel using this discount, always carry your student ID card, and make sure to buy the ticket at a wicket before boarding. Please obtain a certificate of student discount through the certificate issuing machine.

Commuter Passes: Commuting to and from university with a commuter pass is reasonably cheap. Applications forms for commuter passes are available at the office of your school. These forms should be filled out, stamped with the school's official seal, and taken to the following subway stations, which sell 1-month, 3-month and 6-month passes for both city bus and subway routes: Nagoya; Fushimi; Sakae; Kanayama; Imaike; Hoshi-gaoka; Yagoto; Aratamabashi, and Ozone. Commuter passes are only valid for the designated zones. Subway and City Bus Tickets

Yurika: Yurika is a pre-paid pass that can be used for both subway trains and buses operated by Nagoya City. Various types of Yurika can be purchased according to time zones. Joint Yurika passes can be used on all railway bus routes comprising the Tranpass system. Currently these include the selected Meitetsu lines and buses, Aonami Line and Linimo.

One-day ticket: One-day tickets allow for unlimited rides for one day. One-day tickets for all bus, subway, and bus & subway routes are available. Ticket, Donichi-Eco-Kippu, that can be used on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and the 8th of every month can be also purchased.

These tickets include a discounted admission fee for some tourist facilities in Nagoya city such as Nagoya Castle or the Tokugawa Museum. They can be purchased at any subway station.

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